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The current fast-paced era has made it easy for anyone to learn and develop a business, including starting a brand. It’s getting common for people to be able to draw up plans and strategies for their own businesses. However, years of experience is crucially needed when it comes to the visual execution. The built-up taste and up to date knowledge within design industry still and always are the keys in having leading visuals.

That’s where VISIA exists to fill the gap. Without putting planning and strategic aside, we place visual execution on top of the top of our agenda. And from Bandung in 2018, we initiated our creative rides from a tiny dorm space carrying this big vision inside our lunch bag.


Our Manifesto


We stand and start where your vision is.
We understand every brand began their sailings with a clear direction and goals, but soon meets obstacles and unexpected waves. When plans and strategies have to adapt, placing your vision close to heart is what’s going to keep you ahead.

Sharpen Your Vision Through Captivating Visuals to Soar Your Impactful Stories Up Over The Horizon

What We Do

Align with our manifesto, we have curated our services to take you accomplishing your agenda and here comes the essential five.

Branding / Graphic Design /

Motiongraphic / Social Media

Management / Photo & Video

Production /


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